Fall Weather Stews-Chicken & Broccoli Stew

The dropping temperatures of early fall has the home style chef flexing their creative muscles for making delicious home made stews. Simmering in a dutch over or a crock pot their fragrance fills the kitchen with an intense aroma. Although instead of meat, they are made with chicken and vegetables then garnished with a sprinkle … Continue reading “Fall Weather Stews-Chicken & Broccoli Stew”

The dropping temperatures of early fall has the home style chef flexing

their creative muscles for making delicious home made stews. Simmering

in a dutch over or a crock pot their fragrance fills the kitchen with an intense

aroma. Although instead of meat, they are made with chicken and
vegetables then garnished with a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley and
grated parmesan cheese.

Chicken & Broccoli Stew
(Serves 4-bowls or 6-cups)
4-chicken breasts, skinned and boned
1-large head broccoli, rinsed and the stem peeled then cutting it lengthwise
1-bunch fresh carrots, rinsed and the skin peeled, then cut into ¼-inch round pieces
1-medium yellow onion, the skin removed and cut into slices and then halved
3-cloves garlic, the peeling removed and chopped
1-lb yellow squash, rinsed ,peeled and then cut lengthwise
1-medium can pureed tomatoes
Salt & pepper
2-Tlbs finely chopped parsley
2-Tlbs grated parmesan cheese
2-cans chicken broth
2-cans cold water
2-Tlbs worcestershire sauce
2-Tlbs. corn starch
Purchase the chicken breasts already boned and skinned of have the
butcher do it. Rinse the vegetables and then peel and remove the ends of
the carrots and the broccoli. Prepare a large pot of salted boiling
water and cook the peeled and cut into one-quarter rounds and the sliced
lengthwise broccoli in the water for five minutes. In the stew pot or
large dutch oven add 2-Tlbs cooking oil: Canola, olive, or corn and
sauté the

sliced onions and the boneless and skinless chicken breasts until the onions are wilted

and the chicken has turned white on both sides. Add the rest of the raw vegetables and the

par-boiled vegetables to the chicken and the onions seasoning with
the salt and the pepper. Make the gravy and stir it into the
ingredients if too thick add some more liquid. . Simmer on medium-low
for an hour and check for seasoning it again.. Into a small bowl mix the
chopped parsley and the parmesan cheese sprinkling it on top of each
serving of the stew. Serve over long-grained white rice,a tossed green
salad with a favorite salad dressing and slices of hot garlic bread.

Dessert is nothing more than an Easy Apple Strudel from Pepperidge Farm.
Easy Apple Strudel
(Makes 6 servings)
1/2 package (17 1/4-oz Pepperidge farm frozen puff pastry sheets (1-sheet)
1-Tlb water
1-can (21 ounces) apple slices

Directions: Unfold pastry on lightly floured surface. Roll into 16×12-inch rectangle. With short side

facing you, spoon pie filling on bottom half of pastry to within
1-inch of edges. Starting at short side, roll up like a jelly roll.
Place steam-side down on baking sheet. Tuck ends under to seal. Brush

egg mixture. Cut several two-inch long slits two-inches apart on top. Bake thirty-five minutes. Cool

on rack for thirty minutes. Slice and serve warm.

Foods That Are Good For Weight Loss

I Grew Eating This Awesome Natural food
you know that simply eating breakfast raises your metabolism by 10
percent? Oatmeal is one of the most powerful breakfast foods of them
all. If you are seeking to get your body in great condition, you have to
incorporate this as a standard food within your diet plan.
Weight Loss

is really the ideal food to start your day considering it heightens
your energy and also has plenty of fibre to always keep you full and
satisfied. Rolled oats break down gradually in the stomach, offering you
lasting vitality. It is also loaded with water-soluble fibres, which
are part of a crucial function in making you feel satiated over a longer
period of time. Surveys have also shown that oatmeal reduces
cholesterol levels, preserves blood glucose levels and battles against
cardiovascular disease, diabetic issues, colon cancer, as well as
unhealthy weight.

Supposing that you would like to include some
potent antioxidants to your oats, just toss on a number of blueberries
as well as raspberries. These great tasting berries are actually packed
with antioxidants that protect against heart condition, cancer, as well
as a wide variety of other afflictions. Blueberries have also been shown
to safeguard vision. This highly effective fruit ranked highest in
anti-oxidants among many fruits and vegetables.

Another One Of Natures Magic Foods
are definitely loaded with potassium, which is an important mineral
which is sometimes forgotten if you are on a diet. On top of that, the
ease that bananas can be packed, carried, and eaten makes them a great
option if ever you are on a weight-reduction plan. Though bananas are
comparatively very low in calories and fat, they possess plenty of
fiber. Fibre is certainly an important nutrient assuming that you are on
a weight-reduction plan, for the reason that it helps to maintain you
feeling satisfied, for a longer period and prevents overeating at future
mealtimes. In short, bananas make a good choice if you are on a diet
since they are simply low in calories as well as fat. Having said that,
plan on eating a banana before or during your afternoon business meeting
and it retain your satiated feeling.

Assuming that there was a
food that was very low in calories as well as reasonable in fat while
higher in fibre and necessary vitamins and might help you lose weight,
odds are likely you would probably eat it. The truth is, this nourishing
food item can be eaten with breakfast every day or as a snack, it’s
also great to top off a delightful dessert. Bananas are one of the best
health foods supporting weight reduction, and will make a beneficial
addition to your everyday diet.

Testimonial from carpennies “I
changed my eating habits because of high triglyceride level and and
high B/P. Not really a diet but a change. I have lost 90 pounds so far.
Oatmeal and a banana a day (not eaten at the same time but in the
morning). The goal was not really wt loss. I had given up… Adkins and
every other diet in the world was impossible to stick to for life. Now I
eat “real food” Cook for myself. No fast food… Crock pot soup made
from scratch most of week. Sometimes I go too long between meals
(getting so busy). I won’t let myself get hungry now. My most usual
immediate hunger solution is to eat a banana. Takes cravings away. I
think a banana a day keeps the gaining of weight away, at least for me.
Moderation is the key, as well. One a day is plenty and “Oh so good”. It
will keep you going and it’s always safe in it’s own personal wrapper.
By the way Triglyceride test came back normal after 4 months (from 585
to 150). B/P med cut in half.”

How About Hummus?
caloric content in a half-cup of hummus is generally 204 calories, or
10 percent of an average 2,000-calorie diet plan. Incorporating health
foods throughout a diet is simply essential to weight loss. Offer hummus
with low-calorie vegetables, like carrots, cucumber together with red
pepper pieces and you will be thanked and thankful! Be aware that
lowering your intake of energy 3,500 calories lower than your body’s
energy needs, decreases your body weight by 1 pound. Sounds like a lot
but it you can still feel very full by eating the right foods!

Simple Crockpot Meal Ideas

When dinner has to be easy to make and appeal to the whole
family, using a crockpot for a simple meal ideal is a great way to do
both. The crockpot is a very versatile appliance, especially if you tend
to have a busy schedule. Simply add your ingredients, plug it in, turn
it on, and after a few hours dinner is ready! It’s great no-fuss way to
have a home cooked dinner without a lot of work.

Chili is a very
easy and delicious crockpot meal to make. All you need is ground meat,
kidney, pinto or navy beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices. You
can even try different variations, such as adding corn, black beans and
salsa for a southwestern chili. And chili is one of those meals that
freezes well, so you won’t have to worry about leftovers.
peppers, made with rice, diced vegetables, and topped with a tomato
based sauce are excellent when prepared in a crockpot. Because of the
slow cooking process the flavor of the peppers truly comes alive.
Another great option is stuffed cabbage rolls made by using either rice
or barley based filling and simmering with a tomato sauce.
are many simple chicken recipes you can make with the crockpot. You can
find many crockpot chicken tetrazzini recipes that are easy to make and
only take a few minutes in the morning to put it together it. You might
also try chicken and dumplings. This is a very easy meal to prepare for
the crockpot.
If you are in the mood for Italian, try spaghetti
sauce in your crock pot or lasagna. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is
to prepare ethnic meals like Italian food in your crock pot. You can
even fix the meatballs in your crockpot ahead of time, freeze them and
pull them out when you are cooking spaghetti for dinner.

The sky
really is the limit when it comes to using your crockpot for simple
meals that you will enjoy cooking and your family will enjoy eating.

about any food can be cooked in a crockpot. With ingredients like
beans, rice, ground beef, tomato sauce, even pasta, you can make a
number of simple crockpot meals. If you are stuck on what to cook in
your crockpot there are many crockpot cookbooks on the market that can
help you make simple, healthy meals for your family.

Making A Great Paleo Recipe

Many people avoid diets if they can. They do not like being told
what they can or cannot eat, even if they do need to eat healthier. Even
when they turn to the Paleolithic diet, they are a bit leery about
flavor and taste of their meals. Luckily, they quickly discover that a
Paleo recipe can be as simple or as sophisticated as they want and
remain healthy and tasteful.
Paleo Recipe

During the 1970’s, a doctor created a
diet based on the way people from the Paleolithic period ate. Since
there were no conveniences during that time, like prepared foods, they
could only consume what they could gather or hunt. That meant that the
people during that time ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meats,
nuts, roots, and water.

The key to healthy living with this diet
is the ingredients. The ingredients are not only healthy, but they are
delicious and versatile. You may eat lean meats such as beef, pork and
chicken, as well as wild game. Fish and seafood fall high on the list as
well. Other key items in the plan are your vegetables, fruits, nuts,
seed, and eggs.

The Paleolithic people were around
pre-agricultural period, so they did not have the starchy vegetables and
legumes of today. But when eaten in moderation, some of today’s modern
foods can be incorporated into your meal plans. Cereal grains, starchy
vegetables, dairy foods, legumes, fruit juice, and even a bit of soda
can be added as long as you set boundaries.

There are tons of
great recipes around to go with this diet plan or you can create your
own easily. In fact, many people already create their own recipes
without knowing it. A meal of meat and vegetables can be a basic recipe.
You can roast your meat, put it in a pan, or use a crock-pot. Your
vegetables can be steamed, roasted, boiled, or raw, the choice is all

You do not have to stick with simplicity if you want to
impress guests or create something special for the family. You can
create your own soup, stew, curries, sauces, salads, and even omelets.
Herbs and spices were used at that time, so adding a touch of basil,
garlic, ginger, or creating your own vinaigrette easily fits into the
diet plan.

Home cooked meals come to the forefront with
Paleolithic diet. Using your natural ingredients, you learn to enjoy
cooking again. Unlike you, your grandmother did not enjoy the
conveniences of buying mayonnaise or salsa in the store and made it. Now
you can learn to cook like that and enjoy eating again, especially when
you try new things like venison.

Eating like a caveman can
actually be a compliment to those on the Paleolithic diet, and one they
will gladly accept. Consuming only what you can hunt and gather is the
core to the plan and eating healthy. But you do not have to give up your
favorite comfort foods. Just stick with the key ingredients of the plan
to turn any recipe into a Paleo recipe.

Eat Healthy With Crockpot Chicken Recipes

There are a number of delicious Crockpot chicken recipes that you
can choose from. These dishes are flavorful and can give standard beef
recipes a run for their money. The difference is they are created with a
delicious cut of poultry and designed to keep the flavors in each dish
satisfying and bursting with flavors that will leave even the pickiest
eater looking for seconds of the dishes you create. This of course also
goes beyond stews and chilies that are often cooked in a slow cooker.
Instead, these are meals that might even be found in the oven.
 Crockpot Chicken Recipes

fact, one the more common Crockpot chicken recipes you will find is
barbeque. Since the best BBQ you find is slow cooked to begin with, you
can imagine how the meat will be falling from the bone and creating a
delicious dish that will have your entire family enchanted by the smell
it is giving off and when the final dish is created, there won’t be
anyone disappointed sitting around the dinner table as they discuss
their day over this warm meal.

What you may want to consider is
that you can also take this recipe and use your favorite sauces if you
already have one you really like or you can create your own. The choice
is up to you, of course, you will find a homemade option below that
might leave your mouth watering, as it tastes great as well. This recipe
will work with other cuts of meats as well, so keep an open mind to the
different options that you have and decide on the one that ends up
satisfying you.

It is important that you do keep moisture in this
mixture for as long as possible as it can burn easily if the liquid gets
too low. During the final hour, you can certainly remove the lid and
turn up the heat if you choose to create a thicker sauce for your family
to enjoy with you. This will, of course, be based on your overall
preference. With all this in mind, you can then move forward and create
one of the most delicious Crockpot chicken recipes around.

Moist Barbeque Crockpot Chicken
What You Will Need

  • 2 pounds chicken pieces
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 diced onion
  • 1 cup tomato sauce
  • 1 cup sugar

How to Make It
your chicken pieces and wash and dry them. Chicken pieces with bones
work better in this recipe, so keep that in mind. Combine all the
ingredients inside the crock pot and then add a little water to ensure
all the pieces are covered. Cook on low for around 8 hours and then
allow to cook on high 30 minutes before serving.